Welcome to Feats Of Education

Hi there. This is Feats Of Education, the professional version of Erin Basler, MEd. The content focuses on sexuality, identity, human rights, disability, race, privilege, trauma, and how all of those topics interact.

“Is there anything you have feelings about and you don’t feel them strongly?”

Pat Carney’s reaction to my assertion that I felt strongly about *something*

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO.

I am passionate about the things I study and spend A LOT of time thinking about them, gathering new perspectives, and finding out ways I can push for change as I learn more. Feats Of Education is my platform to share information as I find it and make connections to other fields, theories, or, I’m sure, occasional nonsense. I identify as an advocate and educator and claim Feats of Education as the place where I can grow in those skills – publicly.

You should know:

  • My politics are influenced by my values, swinging progressive.
  • I won’t entertain arguments based on a premise I fundamentally disagree with – I don’t like arguing. I’m too tired for it.
  • My standards are incredibly high – for myself. I strive to meet them and do better when I don’t.
  • I am deeply committed to the wellbeing of my communities and support them however I can.
  • I interact best though instagram.

Values & Beliefs:

  • All human beings get to make decisions about their bodies and should have all relevant information to make those decisions.
  • Pleasure is a human right and shouldn’t be held for people viewed as deserving.
  • The people most qualified to speak to issues are those impacted by them. Quoting Stephanie Zapata, “Experience is Data.”
  • You cannot be an expert in someone else’s experience.

People should ALWAYS be paid for the work they do.