Instagram Post: 5/27/19

Yesterday, I sorted the feelings box. I’m setting up our office/craft space and that means digging through some boxes I haven’t solidly investigated since we moved east in 2015. I’ve been systematically downsizing since my divorce, by necessity. I’m one of those people who attaches memory to objects, and it can be exhausting and derail packing trying to figure out whether to throw the thing away, keep it, send it back to someone. So it all went in the box. Yesterday, I sorted wedding cards, photos from high school, college and onward. I saw the faces of ex partners, people I now have to unconditionally love the memory of, family members – born and chosen – that I no longer have. And I sorted them all. Even kept some. All of that, I suppose, is to say my ex husband leaves our home town at the end of the week, and I’m motivated to do processing while I’m sorting and cleaning my past. It may affect my Instagram game.
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27 May 2019
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