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I’m not going to waste energy on why this is extremely messed up, but I will spend some on a #hottake about why it’s wrong. [note: I haven’t read the report yet, only summaries.] . id: A person with brown hair wearing a teal T-shirt with the sleeves cut off helped carry a gigantic rainbow flag down a parade route. Text : Vatican sparks anger among #LGBT+ Catholics by rejecting right to choose or change #gender . The premise that there are only two “biological sexes” is misleading, if not completely false. There is not a space in creation where anything exist in a complete binary. Not plants. Not other animals. Not in chromosomes. Not in genital presentation. Not in hormones. Cultures that had fewer impacts from colonization have gender groups outside the binary. Science tells us people can, chromosomally, exist with a single X or Y…or multiples of each. The way biological sex is determined is one of the most bizarrely outdated medical practices. What other procedure do we rely solely on the eyeball judgement of doctor? Genitals have a range of configurations, sizes, protrusions, and shapes. . . What special brand of hubris is the catholic church exhibiting claiming to be the ultimate authority on gender? Regardless of how one frames the importance of god in their own life, evidence favors variation, not two fixed options. Happy #pride.
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10 June 2019
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