Resources from Vera Summit, AUG 2019

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This page contains the resources from How to Have (Conversations About) Sex as presented at In It Together – Celebrating the Success and Conquering the Challenges.

This page is formatted in the same order as the session. The page will be updated with links to additional resources based on our conversations during the session.

Here is a link to the Presentation with plain language explanations.

What is Sex?

The Circles of Sexuality

Why is it hard to talk about sexuality?

Why is it important to talk about sexuality?

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Crafting Messages to Increase Buy-In

The Champion

The Champion is someone who is excited to spread the message. They need accurate information that allows them to explain why the topic is important.

Critical Questions to answer about your Champions

  • How do you foster emotional investment?
  • What information do they need to affect change?

The Concerned Citizen

The Concerned Citizen has a concern they need to be addressed before they will hear your message. The Concerned Citizen is often viewed as a barrier, however, they also represent an opportunity to examine your message.

Critical Questions to answer about your Concerned Citizens

  • What are their concerns? (Do they have a deeper concern than the one they are telling you?)
  • How can you answer those concerns?


(Coming Soon)

26 August 2019
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