Welcome to Feats of Education
Welcome to Feats of Education

Welcome to Feats of Education

Hi, I'm Erin and I do a lot of things. Mostly, I learn things and teach them to others. Sometimes I write about that experience.
This site is where I hold the knowledge I've gained working in:
  • Intellectual & Cognitive Disability Supports
  • Sexuality, Consent, & Relationships Education
  • Domestic & Sexual Assault Prevention Education
  • Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Professional Development Training
  • Higher Education & Student Services
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I like learning and take a lot of classes & seminars. I don't write papers to leave them in my Google Drive - I write them so I can post them on the internet for no one to read.

Trauma is an Access Issue.

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Other things you will find here:

  • Resource lists
  • Musings on chronic illness, neurodiversity, and overall mental health
  • Things I've written and other professional accomplishments
  • Academic work
  • Occasional cat photos and arty things

I am using Notion.so (a note-taking program) to build out this iteration of my personal website.
If you are excited about Notion - I definitely want to talk about it.